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franco casver

Hello, my name is Franco Casver*

Back in 1982, I suffered a traumatic head injury due to a fall off a 20ft scaffold while searching for some specialty cutting oil. You see, at the time I was working as a tool and die maker.

Due to the accident, I suffered organic brain damage to both hemispheres of my brain, partial hearing loss in my left ear, a broken collarbone and I was in and out of a coma for 7 days. As you might imagine the most devastating of my injuries was the brain damage. Go-ahead you can make jokes about being brain damaged, I won’t mind. To some extent, the jokes are not too far off the mark. I went through many years of personal and social difficulties due to irrational behaviour and misunderstandings so I have pretty much heard them all.

Even though my injury was not fully incapacitating or crippling, in the years that followed I was unable to hold a job for any length of time due to my inability to focus or understand. Luckily, as I improved, I found a company that hires people with disabilities.

Even though I held my own, I was unhappy with the quality of my life. Like so many people, including my co-workers, I considered myself under paid, underappreciated and overworked. I loved to travel, and still do, but my financial circumstances and limited vacation time only permitted a real out of country vacation every two or three years. Even then, the time away always felt way to short and hurried.

One day I was enjoying the movie “Office Space” for the 20th time when some dialog seemed to hit a nerve. If you have seen the movie perhaps, you recall it.

The character, Peter Gibbons says:

"It's not just about me and my dream of doing nothing. It is about all of us. I do not know what happened to me at that hypnotherapist and, I do not know, may be it was just shock and it's wearing off now, but when I saw that fat man keel over and die.... Michael, we don't have a lot of time on this earth! We were not meant to spend it this way.

Human beings were not sent to sit in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day, filling out useless forms and listening to eight different bosses drone on about mission statements."

For me the dialog became my epiphany, I totally understood what he meant. I related so strongly in fact that I immediately began thinking about my cubicle existence and how I needed a way out. Life is too short and our time is nonrenewable so I should be living my desires and dreams, not just existing under the authority of an entirely self-serving corporation that does not have my best interest at heart.

I believe that an online business is the new business paradigm that offers the best opportunity for gaining independence and providing a venue for the life each of us perceives for ourselves.

An online business provides a huge market place unimpeded by the restrictions of a fixed location. Operating an online business requires low overhead to start and maintain, has the advantage of being open for business 24 hours a day 7 days a week every day of the year. An Infopreneur can bring their business with them anywhere in the world where. An Infopreneur can bring their business with them anywhere in the world where there is an internet service.  Compare this to the traditional brick and mortar business and it quickly becomes a no brainer to figure out which is the better option for creating wealth and independence.

Owning and managing an online essentially, means that you can enjoy a better quality of life without trading huge chunks of your non-renewable time.

There is no escaping the fact that our existence depends on economic reliance but there is more to life than working  for long hours for someone else to realise just enough economic reward to keep us going to work.  Everyone deserves the right to enjoy and experience life, not merely slog through it in almost unbearable conditions.

Let me end by saying that I want the human existence to be the best it can be for everyone. Anyone seeking a higher quality of life and is seeking it through an online business honest  assistance to achieve it. In spite of appearances no one has ever become successful unsupported and/or guided in some way. Money and/or professional guidence are always lurking in the background of those successful people who make it appear as though they did it all themselves.  So it is my goal to provide individuals with my guidence to the best of my abilities.

Our Simple Mission Statement

    "CCnetworks.bz is a division of INTERNET INFOPRENEUR-ONLINE Inc. and is committed to providing solid information designed to act as a foundation for self-reliance and provide a resource for interaction of like-minded individuals who strive to enjoy a higher quality of life through owning and managing an online business."

To your success,
Franco Casver


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You can probably think of some personally compelling reasons of your own.
Either way doing business online is the new standard and will be more and more mainstream until the only reason to go to a physical location will be to buy your daily staples like milk, bread, lunch etc.
That being said owning an online business is not for everyone.
You either have the drive, dedication and work ethic to do it alone or you do not. The biggest mistake a lot of would be entrepreneurs make is that they only see the exaggerated claims of huge money made online with little to no effort.
There are many get rich quick schemes out there.
I am not the first to denounce the get rich quick schemes, but I am more than happy to join the bandwagon against these schemes. The truth is that only small number of internet marketers became independently wealthy within a short time.