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Failure is not a permanent event; it is only a setback to achieving success and should never be considered a show stopper. It is the natural progression to success.

Who decided that failure needed to be thought of as a negative thing? I believe there is nothing negative about failure. failure teaches us the lessons that we may not have been able to learn any other way. When viewed properly failure guides us in honing our approach to success.

As a child, we never knew the meaning of failure. All one has to do is remember a time when persistence and practice finally achieved success. Learning to ride a bike is probably the best example of this since at some point in their lives most people learned to ride a bike.

In the beginning, how many times did you have to put your feet down after just a few pedals? How many times did you fall? How many times did your friends laugh at you? Each of these events was a failure, but as a child how did you view these failures? Like most accomplished bike riders, I think you saw these events as a challenge because the word failure was not in your vocabulary, so you set to work learning from the challenges and focused on honing your skills.

Somehow the word failure entered our vocabulary as adults and is far too often used to define an event on the path to success as an all-encompassing bad thing. Take the word failure out of your vocabulary. Any well-intentioned effort made towards achieving your dream that does not work out as you envisioned it does not mean you failed. So just like when you learned to ride a bike remove the word failure from your vocabulary and focus on honing your skills through persistence and practice.

There is no challenge free path to success for anyone, many successful people faced multiple challenges before succeeding. For example, Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, had to overcome bankruptcy before succeeding.

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