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A- ccnetworks.biz paid memberships are set as follows;

There is a onetime non-refundable Initiation fee of $197.00. The initiation fee is discounted $100.00 for all original purchasers of the book *1 “Internet Infopreneur Online A Beginners Guide” when a paid membership is created using the discount code provided. This means that the original book purchaser will only pay a one time only, non-refundable, initiation fee of only $97.00. *1

There is a $9.99 monthly maintenance fee to keep the membership in good standing. This fee is charged on a monthly basis for as long as the membership is not cancelled and begins at the time of membership purchase. *1

B- Membership may be cancelled at any time by the member.

C- Membership commences on the day the email confirmation sent to membership applicant is activated via the required response.

D- If the member cancels membership within, the first 30 days of their original membership start date ccnetoewrks.biz will reimburse only the standard monthly membership fee. The non-refundable initiation fee will not be returned or refunded.

E- After the first 30 days of their original membership start date ccnetoewrks.biz will reimburse only the standard monthly membership fee after cancelation.

F- All refunds are returned in the same manner that they are received. For example, if membership purchase involved a credit card the refund is returned to the credit card used.

G- Where a purchaser is deemed to be abusing or attempting to abuse these refund policies ccnetworks.biz reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to keep all monies received, and/or block the purchaser from doing further business with ccnetworks.biz and remove the purchaser from any membership and/or any other online business owned and/or managed by the parent company INTERNET INFOPRENEUR-ONLINE Inc.


*1 All Prices and membership terms and conditions are subject to change at the sole discretion of ccnetworks.biz without notice.

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